IT and Better Business – Management Toolkit

My Finnish book IT ja parempi bisnes (IT and Better Business) includes several tools for managing IT-enabled business changes and also a Finnish Guide for using these tools. Actual tools are available through a link at TalentumShop webshop under my book (see above link).

I agreed with my publisher Talentum in mid-October 2010 that I can distribute the whole toolkit with a guide in English at my own pages. So they are here for you to utilize! As a contribution I only wish you will let my copyright – (c) Vesa Tiirikainen 2010 – remain visible in all the tools.

Short Guide for IT and Better Business Management Toolkit

You can find the short pdf-format guide for using the tools in the toolkit here: IT and Better Business Management Toolkit. This guide contains five sections translated with my rude English, so bare with it. Any suggestions for improving my English are of course very welcome!

Tools in the zip file

The actual tools are available in one single zip file which you can download here: Toolkit_Sections. I have tested all the tools with Microsoft Office version 2003 (file format: Office 1997-2003) plus 2007 and 2010, but they might work with older versions as well. There are several tools, each one being a part of one of the Sections in the guide (Sections 2…5) and contain the following tools you can also use indenpendent of each other:

  • Section 2: IT Enabled Business Change self evaluation forms (Excel)
  • Section 3: Business Model presentation (PowerPoint) and data collection form (Word)
  • Section 4: Stakeholder Analysis tools (Excel form and Powerpoint templates)
  • Section 5: Business Case calculation and presentation tools (Excel, PowerPoint)

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